交易条款(English T&C below)

你报名参加由Levartravel Sdn Bhd(以下简称LevArt)提供的旅程,并同意以下所列明的交易条款:

  1. 公开团行程:列明在tibet.levart.com.my网站的行程,包括有LevArt领队和拼团(两种都有西藏当地导游)的行程,都是线上报名和付费。请确保你已细读、了解,并同意行程中列明的所有内容和详情。
  2. 私人团行程:如有6-7人,可自组私人团,自定出游日期。私人团行程可通过电邮levarttibet@gmail.com索取,报团前请确保你已细读、了解,并同意行程中列明的所有内容和详情。
  3. 团费:行程列明之团费为1人费用,并以马币(令吉/ RM)为准。如发生金融风暴、汽油价飙升、兑换率出现巨大差异等重大波动,LevArt保留更动团费的权力。
  4. 报名程序
    A 公开团

    • 须通过LevArt Tibet的 官方网站tibet.levart.com.my签订。
    • 通过网站,选择要参加的团和报名人数(一次报名最多4人),以及填写指定资料,之后通过网络支付平台(在线银行汇款或信用卡)缴付订金。
    • 一旦订金缴付成功,你将收到电邮确认,并要求你填写个人资料,作为行程安排所需。
    B 私人团
    • 电邮levarttibet@gmail.com获取行程,确定人数和出游日期,通过在线银行缴付订金。
    • 一旦订金缴付成功,出游日期锁定,LevArt将作出相关后续安排。
  1. 报名订金:一旦LevArt收到报名者的订金(按个别行程团费详情所示),将保留名额给参团者。订金恕不退还,也不能转让或转团,除非出现以下情况:
    • LevArt因报名人数不足而取消行程。
    • 基于旅游目的地发生超出LevArt控制范围的情况而取消行程,如当地发生天灾、战争等无法预测的严重问题。
  1. 团费余额:全团费必须在出发前缴清。一旦报名截止或团满后,LevArt将电邮通知已报名的团友,通过线上汇款缴清余额团费。若LevArt发出缴交余额通知1个月后没有收到团员的付款,其名额将会被取消,并没收报名订金。
  1. 退团条款:
    • 如团员在缴交全额团费后要退团,LevArt将依据个别情况退回部分款项,并征收行政手续费RM 200,已产生的地面安排费用则无法退回。
    • 如出发前,团员签证不获批准,可以选择退团并索取退款,但行程安排中已产生的费用则无法退回。
    • 如在出发前1个月期限内退团,已支付的全额团费将无法退还。
    • 凡退团者必须电邮至了levarttibet@gmail.com书面通知,口头通知无效。
    • 出发日当天没出现的团员,团费一律不退还。
    • 若旅程进行中,团员选择提早结束行程,将无法索回任何退款。
  1. 行程更动:路线行程在实际操作中如遇不可抗拒之力或其他因素,LevArt有权就住宿安排或路线行程酌情调整,包括更改出发日期。
  2. 出游文件:确保你持有合法有效护照,并在出发前自行办理所需签证。如因个人疏忽,携带的出游文件资料有误,而导致抵达目的地时被拒入境, LevArt将不对此承担任何责任。
  3. 旅游保险:为了确保你在旅途中获得保障,请务必自行购买国际旅游保险, LevArt不承担由于投保不足或没有旅游保险而导致的任何损失。
  4. 条款更动:LevArt 保留可能随时更改网站上的内容和交易条款的权力,请随时浏览并留意。

Terms & Conditions

Your travel has been booked with Levartravel Sdn Bhd (referred as LevArt herein), on the basis of the following terms and conditions:

  1. Open Booking Tour: These tours are published on tibet.levart.com.my, including trips with or without a LevArt tour leader. These tours each have a local guide in Tibet. Please ensure you have read, understand, and agree to all details stated for the tour package you are interested in prior to booking.
  2. Private Tour: Brochure with itineraries for private tours are provided on request via email to levarttibet@gmail.com. To form a private tour requires a minimum of 6 or 7 pax (depending on chosen itinerary), a private tour group can fix their own travel date and pick the desired itinerary from the given brochure. Please ensure you have read, understand, and agree to all details stated for the tour package you are interested in prior to confirming booking.
  3. Tour Fee: all rates are quoted per person in Malaysia Ringgit (RM). LevArt reserves the right to alter the fee in the event of a significant spike in fuel prices and foreign exchange rates.
  4. Tour Booking:
    • Open Booking Tour
      • All bookings must be done online through the official website: tibet.levart.com.my
      • To book online, select the desired tour and number of pax (max 4 for each booking), proceed to checkout, fill the required details, and pay the required deposit sum stated (online banking or credit card)
      • Once deposit paid, you shall receive a booking confirmation email, which contains a link for an online form requesting for personal details to be filled for tour arrangement purpose.
    • Private Tour
      • Email to levarttibet@gmail.com to request for the private tour brochure, confirm your desired itinerary, travel period, number of pax via email, and pay deposit via bank transfer to secure the booking.
      • Upon receiving the booking deposit, LevArt shall proceed with the necessary arrangements accordingly.
  1. Booking Fee: a security deposit as stated in individual itinerary’s price details is payable to secure booking. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable, unless subjected to below conditions only:
    • Tour cancelled by LevArt due to insufficient number of participants by registration deadline
    • Tour cancelled by LevArt due to unforeseen circumstances or calamity (act of god) at travel destination beyond our control
  1. Full Fee Payment: full tour fee must be paid upfront before tour departure. Once a tour has closed booking by stated deadline or fully booked, LevArt shall email all registered members for tour balance collection. Failure to make payment a month after LevArt issued the balance collection notification, the booking will be cancelled, and security deposit forfeited.
  2. Tour Cancellation & No Show:
    • If a tour member wish to pull-out after full payment, LevArt may consider partial refund based on a case-to-case review. A RM200 administrative fee applied, and cost that has incurred for the tour arrangement applied.
    • If prior to departure, tour member’s visa application is rejected, may opt for tour cancellation and refund, but cost that has incurred for the tour arrangement applied.
    • If a tour member pulled out 1 month before tour departure, 100% tour fee non-refundable.
    • Cancellation must be formally informed via email to levarttibet@gmail.com, verbal cancellation unacceptable.
    • 100% charge will be applied for No Show booking.
    • After commence of travel, no refund in part or in full will be given for services included in the booking and not utilized by the tour member.
  1. Itinerary Amendment: itineraries may subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond LevArt’s control. Every effort will be made to operate tours as planned, but alterations in accommodation arrangement, tour program, travel date, may occur when deem necessary.
  2. Travel Documents: tour member must possess a valid passport and is responsible for obtaining necessary visa prior to departure. LevArt cannot accept responsibility for your failure to ensure that you have correct travel information. We are not in any way liable if you are subsequently denied entry/deported at your destination due to your failure to follow the correct travel document procedures.
  3. Travel Insurance: tour member must self-purchase travel insurance prior to departure. LevArt cannot be held responsible for any losses as a result of you being inadequately insured/ without insurance.
  4. Contents and T&C Amendment: LevArt reserves the rights to update or modify website contents and clauses in terms and conditions without prior notice, please check and keep tab of changes by browsing our website regularly.