Tibet G318 Overland (Without Tour Leader)


Tibet is dubbed the roof of the world, the region has an average elevation of 4000m above sea level. Tibet offers dramatic natural sights, from majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes, to vast grassland roam by nomads and yaks. It is also a land rich with Tibetan cultural heritage, and full of Buddhism pilgrimage sites.

Route 318 is the longest national highway in China, starts from Shanghai and ends in Tibet bordering Nepal. This tour shall begin in Chengdu, Sichuan, and journey into Tibet Autonomous Region overland by 4WD. Route 318 is also known as China’s most beautiful highway, with huge elevation gains and losses along the way, crossing numerous high mountain passes and hairpin turns. One may experience four seasons in a day as the landscapes evolve as altitude changes.


D01: Chengdu (Proceed to the designated hotel by yourself)
D02: Chengdu – Yajiang
D03: Yajiang – Batang
D04: Batang – Basu
D05: Basu – Rakwa Tso
D06: Rakwa Tso – Bomi
D07: Bomi – YunGang Forest – Bomi
D08: Bomi – Lulang
D09: Lulang – Draksum Tso
D10: Draksum Tso (trekking)
D11: Draksum Tso – Lhasa
D12: Lhasa (Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery)
D13: Lhasa – Chengdu Tianfu International Airport (*Flight from Lhasa to Chengdu will depart in the afternoon and arrive in Chengdu before 6pm)

Tour FeeRM 11,500/ pax

Fee Includes:
1. Accommodation (hotel and boutique guesthouse, 2-sharing basis; homestay, multiple sharing)
2. Breakfast
3. Transport (4W drive)
4. Local tour guide (Chinese speaking)
5. Tibet entry permit
6. Lhasa-Chengdu one-way domestic flight
7. Entrance fee as per itinerary

Fee Excludes:
1. Chinese visa fee (single entry tourist visa RM 105, the fee is subject to change)
2. Kuala Lumpur—Chengdu round-trip flights (Once the trip is confirmed, LevArt shall suggest airline and inform members to self-purchase air tickets online, airfare estimated from RM1,500)
3. Meals (except hotel breakfast)
4. All costs incurred during free & easy
5. Additional cost due to unforeseen calamity (acts of god)
6. Travel insurance covered mountain sickness (LevArt cannot be held responsible for any losses as a result of you being inadequately insured/without insurance).

Payment terms:

A *non-refundable security deposit of RM3,000/pax is payable to secure the booking. Balance fee RM8,500/pax to be collected upon booking deadline or when the tour is fully booked.

*Security Deposit is refundable subjected to below conditions:

  1. Tour cancellation by LevArt due to insufficient number of participants
  2. Tour cancellation by LevArt due to unforeseen circumstances at travel destination beyond our control.

Full terms & conditions (eg: cancellation policy) please click here.


  • Travel in Tibet involved a lot of uncertainties, including unpredictable weather, road blocked due to landslide or other reasons, political situations, policy changes, and more. As a result, Tibet tour itinerary may subject to change in response to various uncertainties, interested tour members should be mentally prepared to accept changes and be understanding.
  • People who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, and chest problem are advised against traveling to Tibet.
  • High altitude sickness prevention tips: avoid alcohol, sleeping pill, and cigarette, drink more water, eat more fruits, rest well and avoid strenuous activities. Yak milk tea, red meat, and dairy products are good for energy and generate heat.
  • Respect Tibetan culture and custom. Do not step on threshold when entering Tibetan house or tent; do not spit in front of Tibetan; do not touch people’s head with hand. When entering temple and monastery, take off your hat and sun glasses, do not smoke, no photography, and do not touch holy statues or articles without permission. Please check with local guide if unsure of local taboos.
  • Tibet is set at high elevation, the day and night temperature gap could be huge, and UV light strong. Do bring warm clothes, sun protection gears and lotion, medicine (eg: for diarrhea, high-altitude sickness, flu, cold, headache, motion sickness), and personal hygiene items (such as wet tissue, hand sanitizer).
  • The journey involves long drive and bumpy road, be prepared for rough and though terrains. The standard and quality of accommodation and amenities in Tibet may not always be desirable, please bear with minor inconveniences and discomforts at times, but you would be rewarded with amazing sights and culture.